Secrets For Rapidly Boosting Your Hotel’s Revenue!

Your best source of increased revenue for your hotel or motel is your local market!

You are certainly bombarded daily with offers to improve your online marketing.  Yes, those tools are very important and you likely already have 3rd party reservations in place–perhaps other tools, as well.  These tools are essential in today’s environment where many people make reservations as they travel on their cellphones or other Internet connected devices.

Your online presence will keep you in business IF you use them well and wisely.

“But how can I increase my revenue quickly?” you may ask.

Not only the best but one of the quickest ways to boost your revenue is to aggressively market to other businesses in your local area.

Many hotel/motel owners and managers fail to recognize the tremendous opportunities their local cities and communities offer.  However, there are many programs you can put into place to quickly increase the occupancy of your inn.

But first you MUST GIVE to those businesses and community!

It’s all a part of “Pull Marketing.”

For local marketing techniques to work as well for you as they should, you must prove yourself and your facility worthy of their trust and their support.

The psychological process in marketing is Know > Like > Trust . . . and, then, Raving Fans.

  1. Know  When we are introduced to someone, we gradually get know that person.  When we know someone for a time we come to–
  2. Like that person.  When we have liked that person for a time knowing him or her, we come to–
  3. Trust that person.  Then, the final stage, which usually takes longer is to turn your relationships into–
  4. Raving Fans!

This is the process you want to induce in your fellow business owners in your local community.

Keep in mind that it is a process requiring time and effort that requires 2 essential features–

  1. Consistency and
  2. Persistence

Many people believe in and hope for “push button” results.  No marketing efforts that haave any lasting benefits will happen that quickly.   As you begin any program, be sure you have set aside enough time to do it properly and do it regularly for an ample length of time to gain the results you need.

How do you prove your worth to other businesses in your area and gain their trust?

Get involved in your business community.  “Give” to them first!  Produce the “pull” in “Pull Marketing.”

  1. Join your local Chamber of Commerce.  There may be more than one Chamber in your area.  Join them all.
  2. Participate in Chamber activities.
  3. Learn of the events that will be occurring in your area.
  4. Volunteer to serve on committees.
  5. Support the events of other businesses.

Very shortly they will see your value to them and that will engender their trust in you.  After more time and effort they will become your raving fans.

As you support their activities that may match with yours, you offer them packages that help them with their customers.  For example, if it is a community event center, help the event planner or coordinator and offer packages to them to help attendees to their events.

If there is a wedding planner, offer that person packages for the wedding party and attendees.  If a company is having a sales meeting or an annual meeting, offer packages to the attendees coming in to the event.  There will also be family reunions and other family events for which you can offer special room blocks.

As the local businesses come to understand your help and benefits, they will become your raving fans.  They will actually come to you when they have need and ask you to help out their visitors.  How good is that?

You may say you don’t have the time.  I would replay that you don’t have the time not to do it!  . . . Unless you simply don’t want more success.

If you do not have a Sales Director for your facility and you are the owner or manager, set the goal of devoting one hour every day to doing some activity in the local community.

Remember, the biggest failure, aside from doing nothing, is the lack of consistency and lack of persistence!

Here is to your facility being the dominant hotel business in your marketplace!
May you have a wonderfully profitable business!
Your Hotel Marketing Dominator Team
Robbie Meek and Paul Elliott