Are Your People Really Presenting Your Business As They Should? First Impressions!

Are you losing business because the FIRST THING your customers hear from you barely acknowledges their existence?

You as an owner or manager may not fully recognize how important a turn-off such a damaging interaction can be for your hospitality business.

The King of Distinction in business, Scott McKain @ScottMcKain, points out how important this is!  He also quotes Lisa Quast @careerwomaninc ‏ who says you should role-play your greetings.

This also applies to other customer interactions, such as phone conversations.

You should always employ regular and effective training of all your personnel to cheerfully and warmly greet every customer/potential customer as they go about their workday.  You should even encourage to practice as they interact with co-workers.  It becomes very contageous and you can never do enough to encourage this customer-centric attitude.

Do not lose money and customers simply by overlooking this all-important element of your customer service.

Listen to what Scott has to say about his experience and how you can make yours better.

Here is to your facility being the dominant hotel business in your marketplace!

May you have a wonderfully profitable business!
Your Hotel Marketing Dominator Team
Robbie Meek and Paul Elliott