Push Marketing or Pull Marketing? Part 1

The customer's subconscious is the most important! Therefore, we should ALWAYS appeal primarily to the customer's subconscious decisio- making.
The Customer’s Subconscious Decision-making is the Most Important Part!

Both, actually.

Push marketing is the usual type. The concept of push marketing is that, “I have something to sell which you need. Here’s what it costs and here’s how you can buy it.”

And this is the way it goes day in and day out for most companies. They are doing it the hard way!

When we use push marketing, all of the customer’s defenses go up. Why? Because we are dealing with the conscious mind. We are dealing with the 5 to 10% of the purchasing process which is done by a conscious mind. The conscious mind is a critical, suspicious, skeptical, and analytical mind.

The subconscious mind is where the psychologists tell us 90 -95% of our decisions are made.  In other words, our minds have decided before we are even aware we have done so!  While that seems surprising, it is difficult to argue with the scientific findings confirming it.

Rather than arguing, we should accept it and proceed on it’s truths.

The subconscious mind is childlike, non-judgmental, non-analytical, and emotion and sense-based rather than fact-based.

This is wonderful knowledge to have because this is the area of decision-making that is the easiest to influence!  In the subconscious zone, the customer has erected none of the defense shields he or she will use in the conscious zone.

Once the customer has made the decision subconsciously to purchase something, he or she begins the conscious  process. It is in this conscious process where logic and facts become important.  The customer is looking for facts to justify his or her decision first to himself and then to others who may review his decision – a spouse, a co-worker, a boss, another family member, or a friend.  If we put ourselves in that situation when any of those people say to us, “You did whaaat?” we want to have a logical justification for our decision.

Pull marketing, on the other hand, is a method of getting into the person’s subconscious process before that person recognizes we are on board.

More about this in Part 2.

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