Profit Tip: Possibly THE Most Important Area for Creating Positive (or Negative) Impressions of Your Hotel

Imagine that you are having an event at your hotel.  A guest has scheduled a reception in a meeting room for a group of local business representatives or wedding guests and the nearby restrooms for their guests are NOT pristine.

Do you really think any of them will ever return to your facility?  Certainly not if they can help it!

While this is about the restrooms of restaurants, the same applies to restrooms available close to the lobby of your hotel or motel for guests or others of the public. If your public restrooms are anything other than absolutely exemplary, you have FAILED to effectively distinguish yourself in your marketplace!

Yes, you may have distinguished yourself but in a very BAD WAY!

Can you really afford that?

Be sure to have those restrooms thoroughly cleaned early each morning and that they are checked frequently throughout the day.

  1. Thorough cleaning each morning
  2. Place a vase of cut flowers each morning.
  3. Daily check the soft soap dispenser or soft soap container.
  4. Check for hand towels and toilet tissue supply.
  5. Room deodorizer
  6. Have a paper towel dispenser right by the door, so a person may open the knob with the paper towel and discard it as he or she departs.


Your bathrooms for your hotel guests AND the guests of your guests, e.g., the public areas of your inn MUST be pristine! If they are the least bit shabby, dirty, or smelly you have failed in the community as you try to become the most exemplary hotel or motel in your local market.
Make Your Restrooms Pristine To Distinguish Your Hotel or Motel the Very Best in Your Local Marketplace


Here is to your facility being the dominant hotel business in your marketplace!
May you have a wonderfully profitable business!
Your Hotel Marketing Dominator Team
Robbie Meek and Paul Elliott