Top 15 Mistakes Made In Customer Service

[Inforgraphic from Provide Support] The top 15 mistakes by made customer service professionals.
Yes, even customer service professionals make errors in customer service. However, that does not mean you must make the same mistakes they do.



What are you missing?

If the professionals in customer support make these mistakes, it is even easier for the rest of us to make them.  And we certainly will, UNLESS we pay close attention making it a persistent, daily effort to keep those in mind and focus on EACH guest and his or her BEST experience with our hotel or motel.

Carefully avoid seeming like a robotic person.  Learn to empathize with EACH guest and focus on how you can make his or her stay with you a wonderfully memorable event.

This is one of the best ways to ensure that your guests will make an effort to return to your inn.

How wonderful is that!

Notice #8.  Just making assumptions and not asking questions about what your guest wants is one thing recently discussed here.

May you quickly become the dominant hotel or motel in your marketplace!





Here is to your facility being the dominant hotel business in your marketplace!
May you have a wonderfully profitable business!
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