What Is Scientific Marketing?

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Any marketing program you set up MUST be designed so you can directly measure its results.  So many dollars are spent by businesses simply hoping they will produce an improved profit.  However, they fail to set up ways to measure that expenditure.

Of course, some marketing programs are easier to measure than others, but every program should be measurable.  If you don’t measure it, think of that as wasted money.

Most computerized business management systems have a lot of measurement tools included with them.  Learn what they are in your system and how to effectively use them,

For example, most will have an email program.  If you are capturing your customers’ email addresses (and you should be), email all your customers to remind them of a local celebration, a holiday season, etc., and offer them a package for taking advantage of your offer.  Learn more about scientific marketing here.

Such a program is very easy to track and determine the profitability.

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