Things Hoteliers Need To Know About What Their Guests Like And Dislike.

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Qualtric has published its 2017 Hotel Pain Index and the results are revealing.



2017 Hotel Pain Index details what makes positive, negative stays: Qualtric’s 2017 Hotel Pain Index goes through what makes a bad hotel experience, what makes a good one and what amenities are the most and least important, according to an infographic.

Sixty-six percent of respondents said dirty rooms cause bad hotel experiences and 57% said unfriendly employees are also a cause of negative hotel experiences.

The two factors cited as the chief causes of pleasant hotel experiences were clean rooms (76%) and Wi-Fi (65%).

Sixty-seven percent of respondents said they choose a hotel based on online ratings and reviews, but only 24% said they wrote a negative review online after a bad hotel experience.

Clearly, cleanliness is very important as are pleasant employees!  Surveys continue reveal that cleanliness is very important to the guests in the hospitality industry.  Why on earth do hoteliers continue to miss this point or do such a poor job that guests have to keep mentioning it?  It is truly puzzling.

However, this is an ideal opportunity for you to distinguish your facility!
Clean, clean, CLEAN!!!


34% of guests staying at 5-star hotels have cried over an unpleasant experience.  Imagine … over 1/3!

For any hotel, that is a shameful failure, but for a 5-star hotel it is really a shameful failure!

Again, this is where you can distinguish your facility in your marketplace whether you are a 1-star or a 5-star hotel!


Here is to your facility being the dominant hotel business in your marketplace!

May you have a wonderfully profitable business!
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