Things You Can Change To Improve Your Outcomes

One of the best ways to improve your distinction in your marketplace is to know how to improve yourself.

Often, when we look at improving our marketing to boost our distinction in our marketplace, we fail to look first at ourselves to understand how we can improve ourselves first.  In fact, we may not even consider that there is anything about ourselves that we could improve on.

Lolly Daskal illustrates advice that most people ignore.  Her #5 is be patient and persistent.  We have pointed that out here before.  Lack of patience and persistence is a major failing of many small businesses.

Her #6 is that in order to get, you first have to give.  That is the principle of joining the Chamber of Commerce and volunteering for an active committee.

#13 No task is beneath you.

#18 Do what is right, not what is easy.

#24 Make what is valuable important.

Study all of them and take them to heart.

Here is to your facility being the dominant hotel business in your marketplace!

May you have a wonderfully profitable business!
Your Hotel Marketing Dominator Team
Robbie Meek and Paul Elliott